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Charles Fry

In March of 2018, Charles Fry was in a serious motocross accident that left him in the ICU for five days. After attempting a maneuver known as an “endo”—short for “end-over-end”—Charles landed on his head and right shoulder, breaking his C6 Vertebrae, clavicle and six ribs. The accident also caused a punctured lung and torn ligaments in his right shoulder, among other things. After several surgeries and six months of rehabilitation, Charles was ready to take on his next challenge. He found Central Athlete in October 2018 and began working with his coach, Amanda O’Brien, in order to work toward his unique health and fitness needs.

Charles is the founder of Zengestics, whose mission is to transform the way the world moves freight. And at 55 years young, Charles has a mission to continually enhance his quality of life while he ages by increasing his capabilities and decreasing any limitations that may be holding him back. The sky's the limit! You can envision Charles rolling through the parking lot on his Harley Davidson with the music blaring, wearing black boots, a motocross jersey and a friendly smile. A one-of-a-kind addition to Central Athlete who has added so much positivity to our community!

“I love Central Athlete because I travel frequently for work, so regular trips to the gym are difficult. But Amanda and I worked out a routine where I send her my schedule, and when I am traveling, she builds workouts for me that fit into “hotel gym” equipment. And she helps align my rest days with days when I am flying. So this flexibility is huge. I stay on a routine that she supervises and I make all my travel requirements. We have even done the monthly reviews remotely! I prefer being in the gym, but when I can’t be at CA, I can have CA with me (so to speak).” - Charles Fry

Charles’ initial assessment showed limited range of motion in his right shoulder and neck due to his motocross accident in 2018, as well as motor control issues, which caused poor movement patterns in the hip hinge and squat. His ankles and knees collapsed in the squat and he was unable to keep a neutral spine during the hinging portion of his movement analysis. After several weeks of completing his personalized training plan to address the cause of these issues, Charles was already able to move much more efficiently and even increased his overhead mobility significantly. Not only did Charles increase his strength and movement patterns, he also followed his personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan in a way that provided both balance and results, even with his busy travel schedule. Charles lost 19.4 pounds of fat mass and gained 5 pounds of muscle mass taking his body fat percentage from 20.5% to 11.8% in four months!

Even more impressive, less than 12 months after his accident, Charles completed his first Spartan Super, a 10-mile obstacle race. As his coach, I couldn’t have been any prouder of his success!

“I am 55 years-old, and I appreciate the way the CA team tailors the routines to me and my place in life. I am not looking to be a weightlifter and I am done with competitive sports. But they have helped me get into much better shape without me behaving like a 20-something. Sort of hard to describe, but I have encouraged all of my executive team to look into CA so they can live healthier lives as well.”

If you value the constant pursuit of progress and are looking for someone to help guide you toward your personal health and fitness goals, click the link below to learn how personalized fitness can support YOU. Central Athlete puts the pieces together for you in a personalized and holistic fashion to ensure your hard work both inside and outside the gym leads you in the right direction!

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