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Bob Schiffer

Bob Schiffer, 68, has been working out on a regular basis since 1996—logging hours of cardio each day, yet desiring a bit more progress. He started working with Jesse O’Brien of Central Athlete in 2017 after learning more about CA’s remote coaching program.

Bob lives in Vietnam most of the year and has been a family friend of the O’Briens for more than 50 years! He has a 25-year history of working in Vietnam in diplomacy, finance and non-government organizations. His professional emphasis for the past three years has been to help establish the first nonprofit university in Vietnam, building the next generation of leaders equipped with the skills to tackle global challenges. His job allows him the freedom to work out regularly, which is critical in his role of wearing multiple hats and networking with a myriad of professionals from many disciplines. Although Bob has been consistent with training for decades, he was excited to receive more personalized guidance in nutrition, strength training and lifestyle habits in order to see the results he has been aspiring to achieve.

Throughout his journey working with Central Athlete, Bob has learned a great deal and has continued to see steady progress both inside the gym and on the scale.

“I learned how important weight training is, as well as nutrition and sleep. One of the first observations Jesse made was that I drank Diet Coke at the rate of more than 10 per day, which impacted my taste, increased my appetite and affected my sleep. Jesse followed up his suggestion to give up sodas with a photo that showed the negative impact of Diet Coke. The following day, I read a compelling article in the Wall Street Journal about a cardiologist who discussed 50 deaths from addiction to Diet Coke. I gave up Diet Coke that day and have not had a sip since September 2017, and I have learned to consume more water.”

Bob, who is based in Ho Chi Minh City, has lost 18 pounds since he started working with Central Athlete and his time in the gym has become very efficient, leaving more time to focus on his business and build meaningful relationships.

“Since starting the program, I have increased my muscle weight and reduced my fat weight. I am now at my lowest weight since 1998 and have learned that weight training, good nutrition and sleep are necessary for success.

“I have never felt stronger or better. The remote training provides videos of all the exercises for that day and it is easy to follow. The monthly consultations help me to focus on important adjustments and allow me to learn a lot of new information such as the positive impact of daily sun exposure and the need for Vitamin D supplements along with fish oil. Central Athlete has taught me a lot about myself and has increased my self confidence.”

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