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About Seminars & Workshops

At our core, Central Athlete empowers people to live their most fulfilled life through health and fitness. The primary way we do this is through personalized fitness with our onsite training and remote coaching clients. 

In an effort to expand our impact and reach different communities, we're excited to offer two educational opportunities for groups and organizations in Austin! 

Intro to Strength

The Intro to Strength workshop is an experiential session that takes place at our facility at Springdale General. It provides an introduction to basic strength training principles and benefits and includes demonstrations of the squat, bench, and deadlift. This seminar can be adapted for multiple groups and experience levels. Central Athlete's professional coaches guide participants through the technique of each lift and review regressions, progressions, variations, and basic program design. 

The goal is to show how strength training is beneficial for overall health and wellbeing, no matter your age or sport, and to help people feel more comfortable and confident in the gym.

Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

The Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLG) seminar is an interactive talk that can be delivered anywhere. Geared towards working professionals and entrepreneurs, it introduces attendees to 7 simple habits they can add to their life to promote resiliency and avoid burnout. Attendees will learn about each of the 7 habits, why they’re beneficial, and how they can implement them into their lives. They will then have time to choose a habit they want to begin and share it with the group for accountability.

Central Athlete’s BLG seminar has benefited founders at DivInc’s accelerator, remote workers and entrepreneurs in the Reset and HerDacity communities, and employees at tech startup ScaleFactor.

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