Comprehensive Bloodwork

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About Comprehensive Bloodwork

Central Athlete now has a phlebotomist on-site to complete comprehensive blood-panels at an extremely reasonable price. Since we started Central Athlete in 2015 we have worked hard to create a holistic approach centered around each unique client. This is just one more step in ensuring that each individual is receiving personalized care regarding their fitness, nutrition, and behavioral protocols.

Phlebotomist Tony Quiroga will be at Central Athlete on Monday mornings from 8:00am to 10:00am.

Once your labs have been received, your coach or one of our Professional Coach's  will reach out to you with a link to book your follow-up appointment. 

On average, a comprehensive blood panel (hormones, thyroid, CMP, CBC with differential, Vitamin D, inflammatory markers, etc.) through Quest or CPL will cost around $750 (cash price). We have worked hard to ensure you get the most valuable information at a reasonable price.

The total cost for the blood draw and follow-up appointment through Central Athlete is $399 and we will be offering all Central Athlete clients $100 off!

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Bloodwork Location:

Central Athlete Offices

1023 Springdale Road, Suite 8E

Austin, TX 78721

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