30 Aug

Why Supplements are Crucial to Build Muscle

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Supplements: Not everyone should be taking them—and you get what you pay for. Some over- the-counter supplements can have nutritional information off by as much as 10% or more. 

Just as with stages/progressions of training, there are stages/progressions of nutritional prescriptions, and supplements are a Phase 3 change for our clients. 

Supplements are only advised when there has been consistency around training, daily movement, sunlight exposure, low stress environment and blood sugar management. Failure to meet the above-mentioned parameters will ultimately lead to lack of results and un-fulfillment for both the client and coach.  

At Central Athlete, we are primarily concerned with the long-term journey and success of each client. Assuming the client has all the boxes checked and has earned the right to move on to supplements, below is a list of our most recommended supplements. 

The 5 supplements we stand behind:
1. Probiotics – gut health; your body’s “second brain”
2. Protein – helps with building muscle
3. Vitamin D – immunity and hormone function…up to 80% of people are deficient 
4. Creatine – increase in lean body mass and several performance benefits
5. Carbohydrates – to manipulate body composition for the better; goal for a healthy body composition (male: 10-15%, female: 18-23%) 

At CA, we can provide medical-grade supplements that have been verified within 10% of their claimed values to better serve our client base.

While the answers to questions regarding supplements are broad at best, it is ultimately advisable to talk with an individual health and fitness consultant to get to the root of what YOU need.

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