24 Aug

Why Protein is Crucial for Building Muscle

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Eating enough protein is one of the easiest things you can do to gain muscle.

Proteins are combinations of amino acids. During digestion, the proteins in food are broken down into separate amino acids, which are then absorbed by the body and used to:

1. Build, repair and maintain body tissue
2. Synthesize hormones and enzymes
3. Supply energy

1.6g of protein per 1 kg of body weight has been correlated with improved lean body mass. You will not get more benefit from eating more protein in terms of improving lean body mass, HOWEVER, there are other benefits from higher protein intake. 

Some include:

1. Satiety
2. Thermogenic effect of protein
3. Cellular repair after resistance training
4. Increased basal metabolic rate
5. Hormone regulation

Here at Central Athlete, there are four things we advise when it comes to protein:

1. Eat at least 1g protein per pound of bodyweight 
2. Chew protein very well to increase the amount you digest
3. Consume adequate protein after training
4. Log your food for nutritional analysis purposes

 In order to get the FULL BENEFITS of all 20 amino acids and nutrients in various proteins, it is essential to consume a variety of sources. But how can you begin to put this into practice? What could varying your proteins really look like if you are a creature of habit? Schedule a free consult with one of our health and fitness consultants to find out!

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