20 Jun

Stress - Shift Your Paradigm

We all experience stress in some form or fashion. 

It should be made clear that if you're stressed you will not be able to lose body fat like you are suppose to - plain and simple.

Why not?
Stress has an interplay between your thyroid, adrenals and gonads. If stress is driving adrenal function it will impair sexual reproduction as well as your ability to regulate metabolism.

How to handle stress?
Changing your perception of stress is key. You experience the same physiological responses regardless of if the "stressor" occurs or doesn't occur. 

The Four Remedies to Relieve Stress

  1. Do something you love everyday
  2. Play 5-10 mins per day
  3. Adopt a healthy nighttime routine
  4. Create a paradigm shift - see stress as a positive thing

Many people think the best way to remedy stress is to engage in high intensity training as a means to blow off steam. But what if one little shift in your training and daily routine could have a bigger impact on your fitness AND health? Click the link below to meet with one of our fitness consultants today.

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