May 21, 2018
Progress Forever
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

For so many of us, we don’t necessarily love the start or the finish; we love the journey that life provides us. We love to progress and grow throughout our lives. It doesn’t matter what area of life we’re talking about, we love the hard work, the breakthroughs, the successes and even the setbacks. The world tries to “sell” us on quick fixes and bandaids to make us “happy,” but we know that it’s a life well-lived that leads to peace and beauty.

It’s galvanizing to know that we aren’t alone. We must surround ourselves with people who love progressing as much as we do. The general fitness community has not connected the experience in the gym with the experience outside the gym. We must work to use the motivation we tap into at the gym in the other arenas of our lives. It’s time for us to recognize the power that fitness plays in how we experience lifelong success. It’s time we allow ourselves to love the journey!

It’s imperative for our work in the gym to connect with our priorities in our careers and personal lives. It’s when we use fitness as a medium to progress outside the gym that we’re able to live life more fully. Let’s enjoy the fact that we love to move forward, and we love working for that progress. And, it’s time we surround ourselves with people who will help us realize a life well-lived—enjoying fulfillment and life meaning to the fullest!

A gym culture needs to provide a sense of community of like-minded individuals, but more importantly, it needs to provide the results that each client is looking to gain, in an objective and long-term manner. If you feel your fitness regimen is missing the passion for the long game and progress that lasts for years to come, click the link below to schedule a strategy session with a Central Athlete Coach. We would love for you to be apart of our journey in changing the face of fitness!

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