October 11, 2022
PEMF- Pain is Inevitble, Suffering is Optional

The best insurance policy we have for our health lies within us. It stems from our consciousness around our health and the intention we create to take good care of ourselves. But sometimes life happens, accidents happen, and we might end up with an injury. When you’re taking good care of yourself, your body’s ability to heal itself is enhanced. But sometimes, we suffer injuries that can be more devastating and this can lead to chronic injury. When you’re dealing with chronic pain, it’s a sign that the cells in your body don’t have enough charge to do the repairs they need to do. This is where PEMF comes in.

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, is a therapeutic technology that works by sending magnetic waves into the body, working with your body’s natural magnetic field to improve the charge of cells, thereby increasing the ability of your body to heal itself. The pulsing field introduces an electromagnetic charge, which stimulates and exercises the cells. Originally used in clinical settings, PEMF has now made its way into the public market and is a popular recovery therapy used by sports medicine practitioners and coaches. There’s plenty of research to support the therapeutic effects of PEMF.

So what kinds of benefits can you expect to experience from using PEMF? Here are a few:

While much of the scientific literature on PEMF is based upon cases of individuals with more serious injuries, that doesn’t mean your injury has to be major in order to reap the benefits. In fact, even healthy individuals can benefit from the therapeutic powers of PEMF. Whether you’re perfectly healthy, just a little sore, or have a more serious injury, PEMF will aid in powering up your cells and helping you to heal quicker and have more energy. 

PEMF can be used very consistently, and in fact, works better the more that you do it. As with anything, it’s possible to go overboard, but you’d have to do a ridiculous amount of PEMF work to get to that point. PEMF is safe to use essentially every day of the week, and you’ll experience more benefits the more you use it. 

Central Athlete has recently adopted this therapy. I can tell you from personal experience that PEMF really does make a difference. I’ve seen it in myself, and in others who have tried it. But, you’ll have to experiment for yourself to really know. Ask your coach about PEMF to schedule your first session and start feeling better today!

The Powerful Benefits of PEMF Therapy
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