June 11, 2018
Enjoy Fitness and Fend Off Stress
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

We are lucky to live in a time and culture that provides us with many options for how we can “live.” But, making the decision of how you want to live is becoming more challenging with each passing year. According to an American Psychological Association study in 2015 - general stress in the United States continues to increase modestly, but extreme stress levels appear to be rising aggressively. And, stress isn’t just for the aging population; millennials are experiencing much higher levels of stress than their elders.

We can try to deny it, but statistics continue to show that with the increase in technology designed to make life easier, myriad social media connections and non-stop work stress continue to chip away at the quality of our lives. Our stress levels are accelerating.  

According to the same report from the APA, the sedentary nature of much of our culture—with so many of us seated, glued to our devices—continues to be an issue. Too many Americans move less and sit more, which is a major factor in the continued decline in our health.

With all the potential stressors that life now brings, taking time to unplug, move your body and enjoy life in its “naked” form is increasingly important to health and wellness. There are so many benefits that come with moving and training. Not only does high-quality training help you progress physically, it also gives you a sense of momentum and confidence that generalizes into the rest of your life—whether it’s at home, at work or out with friends and family.

Enjoying fitness means something unique to each individual. You might find that you love expressing your fitness every day in the gym—the personal bests, the sweating, the camaraderie. But maybe you love to train in the gym so that you can compete in races, explore hiking trails, go on travel adventures. Perhaps you love training because it gives you the energy to join your kids in their athletic endeavors. Only you know where your priorities are, but we’d encourage you to follow them because a pursuit of lifelong fitness that is aligned with your lifestyle and daily pursuits keeps you consistent.

It begs the question…How do you enjoy and benefit from fitness? Once you commit, the payoff is enormous!

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