August 19, 2021
Eight Sleep Mattress Review
WRITTEN BY Jesse O'Brien

[I have written this article of my own volition. The Eight Sleep Mattress is a product that has made such a positive impact on a primary aspect of my life that I genuinely want to share my experience with others. Any monetary gain from referrals will be allocated toward Central Athlete’s Grant Sponsorship Program.]

No one likes the person who blabs about the new mattress they purchased. We get it: you spent $5,000 on a new mattress and arrived home with certain cognitive dissonance. Did I spend too much? Is this mattress worth the exorbitant price? So in a classic justification exercise, let me write an entire blog about my new Eight Sleep Mattress 😆.

My wife and I have a massive electricity bill each summer (and in general) from keeping our house at a chilly 68º, particularly when we sleep. I admit this is a bit extreme, but in an effort to get to bed, both of us need to feel sufficiently cool to fall asleep quickly.

In fact, research supports the notion that my wife and I have subjectively experienced. “One of the first hypotheses regarding the lower temperatures coinciding with NREM sleep was that it existed specifically to cool the brain. It was proposed that a lower brain temperature would reduce cerebral metabolism, conserve energy and assist other functions from immune regulation to circadian coordination” (1).

Getting into the nuances of the Pod Pro Mattress, it is essentially a “smart mattress” that enables you to cool or heat two zones as well as track your sleep data.


Our preference is to set a schedule that slowly warms us up throughout the night, so it is warmest when we awake in the morning. Having the temperature pretty cool when we get into bed is a really soothing experience, and we are also able to keep our house 5º warmer. I could go on and make an argument that this mattress will essentially pay for itself with the decreased electric bill.

The setup of the mattress is pretty intuitive and simple to do in less than twenty minutes. The Pod Pro Cover is cooled via a device that you hook into the cover that zips around the mattress.

What I did not realize is that I could slip this cover over any mattress of our choice. The mattress that we purchased from Eight Sleep is marketed well but does not seem to have any unique aspects over a similarly priced mattress. Eight Sleep’s value proposition is its ability to cool the mattress with the user in the driver's seat.


While spending a few thousand dollars on a mattress may sound extreme for some, there is a definite ROI for our family. We recognize the cognitive, energetic, and emotional benefits of optimal sleep quantity. Not only do we believe that curating a regular bedtime routine is of utmost importance, but also we value investing in methods that will improve the quality of sleep. The Eight Sleep receives my highest recommendation for those of you who embrace the paradigm of maximizing physiology around sleep habits. If you are interested in investing in your sleep and getting $200 off an Eight Sleep Mattress, click this link.

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