December 10, 2018
Better Energy = Better Entrepreneur
WRITTEN BY Amanda O'Brien

Entrepreneur Stephen Garten joined CA when a friend referred him. He had been unhappy with the one-size-fits-all classes he had been attending for years.

“I had been doing group fitness classes for nearly a decade in Austin and found that there was a repeated pattern in that I would develop injuries every few months,” said Garten.  “I finally realized that this was likely due to being in large group classes that were not tailored to my body and past injuries.”

Garten had heard good things about CA and founder Jesse O’Brien, so he made an appointment for an assessment and a tour of the East Austin gym. The personalized fitness that CA offers—tailored specifically to each unique individual client, based on the thorough and high-tech assessment—appealed to him. He wanted to see improvement in his health and physique, and he wanted to avoid injuries.

“Overall, I came to CA looking to work on my muscle imbalances and to develop overall strength and physical fitness to lead a healthy, injury-free life for the long term,” Garten said.  

Garten is CEO and founder of Charity Charge, a credit card company that allows cardholders (consumers, non-profits and businesses) to donate cash back automatically to any nonprofit of their choice.

“With Charity Charge, you can turn everyday purchases into meaningful donations just by using the card,” said Garten.  “Charity Charge is a Public Benefit Corporation based in Austin.  Our three unique credit cards are used nationwide and have benefitted over 500 nonprofits to date. Read about us in top news outlets including the Today Show, Fast Company and Forbes.”

Garten said he has already reaped tremendous benefits from joining CA, including the energy and focus he needs to run his company.

"I have loved all of the coaches and learning new exercises.  I'm most happy that it has given me a consistent way to spend my mornings, and that I have already overcome significant shoulder pain through working on my weak areas.”

Interested in how personalized fitness can help you reach your highest potential? Click the link below to schedule a free strategy session with a Central Athlete coach.

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